Great women of Serbian culture in the House of Jevrem Grujic

“I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich and passed my doctorate as a doctor of medicine, surgery, midwifery, and eye diseases, which I prove with the attached diploma. Based on this, I ask the Minister to give me permission to practice in Belgrade. And, if I need to fulfill any other condition, I ask Mr. Minister to just order, and I will fulfil it.”

Musical intermezzo

Collection of gramophone records by Pavle Beljanski. The exhibition Musical Intermezzo by Pavle Beljanski (1892–1965) is dedicated to gramophone records collected by a Yugoslav diplomat and collector. In addition to more than 90 recordings on display, part of the exhibition was a rich accompanying program in the form of concerts, plays, lectures, and authorial interpretations.

III Belgrade Mosaic Festival

III Belgrade Mosaic Festival Belgrade – House of Legacies, Knez Mihailova Street 46January 18, 2022 – February 12, 2022 Author and organizer of the festival: Petar VujoševićThe festival was supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, Mapei Company, Faculty of Mining and Geology in BelgradeContact: Petar Vujošević, Would you like to hear an old legend? […]


The display of selected works of Vlaho Bukovac at the SASA Gallery was envisaged per a concept of everlasting beauty. The representation of idealized nature essentially marked the work

Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade

With 120 years of continuous work, the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade is one of the most enduring institutions of culture in Serbia. It was created in 1901

Manak’s House

Manak’s House is a museum governed by the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade which houses and exhibits the legacy collection bequeathed by Hristifor Crnilović