Professor Boris Podreka’s exhibition “Archiculture”

MAA – Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

Curator: Prof. Adolf Stiller
Biljana Jotić, art historian and MAA director
Relja Petrović, architect
Dr Julia Balla, curator
The Museum of Applied Art in cooperation with the Embassy of Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum;
the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute;
the Embassy of Slovenia and Wiener Städtische.
Maintenance time: 30 January – 15 March 2023

As someone who grew up in Central Europe and inherited its historical and artistic tradition, Boris Podrecca came of age in a multilingual environment, as well as creating in a multicultural environment between Belgrade and Ljubljana, Trieste and Venice, Vienna and Stuttgart. The parameters of his work are rooted in the architectural theories of Semper, Bottcher and Viollet le Duc. Under the influence of Wagner and Plečnik, he thematized supporting construction and materiality, learning the technique of spatial layers from Loos, and studying the immaterial properties of light during his long travels in the Orient.

Through his distinctive poetics of differences, during nearly five decades of architectural creativity, Podrecca progressed on an entirely personal path which manifests itself through the power of expression of numerous transnational achievements in 8 European countries, as well as in China.

Podrecca’s projects are not characterized by prominent symbolism but rather, he connects formal specificities with the theme and context, thus succeeding in imposing their own, new identity. By analyzing the elements that already exist on a site, he manages to create a specific architectural response.

Boris Podrecca’s Belgrade-based exhibition at the Museum of Applied Art consists, first of all, of architectural solutions, both those that were carried out and those not executed. Also, for the first time, Podrecca will show the Belgrade audience his works of art, as well as several works of applied art that he has authored.