Musical intermezzo

Venue: Gallery of SANU Belgrade
June 22, 2021 – July 22, 2021

Author: Jasmina Jaksic Subic, senior curator of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection

Collection of gramophone records by Pavle Beljanski

If you’ve ever passed by people selling antiques on the street, you’ve probably noticed them: gramophone records arranged horizontally or vertically. For most passers-by, this is completely irrelevant information. But if you are a record collector – it is a crucial one.

Gramophone records are arranged vertically so that the ones at the bottom would not be damaged by pressure. Therefore, you would never convince a real collector to buy differently arranged records.

Did Pavle Beljanski think about this when he entered antique shops and gramophone record stores and passionately searched for the most valuable ones, which he would, later, bequeath to his people?

You can’t fool a true collector. He does not collect works of art for mere entertainment. He is motivated by a deep respect for works of art. He knows their true value, which is not counted in money, but in the years after which the work of art still lives. The collector dedicates himself to the careful preservation of the works, to leave them to his community, city, and country. His collection is unique because he gives it to everyone, and yet it remains a reflection of the collector’s identity.

With his precious works, which he collected during his life, he tells us: “This is me, my point of view and perception of art.” In Beljanski’s case, the basis of everything was harmony, spontaneity, and inner content.

The collector tells us a story with each piece: because, when you see the work he collected, you can’t just stop and say: “Oh, this is a record with Beethoven’s compositions”, and continue as if nothing had happened. You will want to know where the collector found that record, where he bought it, and how long he inquiringly looked at it. Did it matter to him whether it was a record from the shellac of the world-famous companies “Columbia”, “His Master’s Voice”, “Pathé”, or “Polydor”? How much they reflect the musical taste of the time, and how much the collector himself?

As he devotedly listened to the compositions of the greatest names in classical music – Bach, Handel, Hind, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Wagner, or Smetana – what did the diplomat Beljanski think? Did it occur to him that his records, and even live recordings, at speeds of 78 and 80 rpm, would be once listened to by his people decades later? Was he fully aware that, the moment it became his property, the record ceased to be just a carrier of sound, growing into a valuable cultural asset that must be preserved at all costs?

We believe that he was. And that is exactly why you certainly could not convince Petar Beljanski to buy a gramophone record stacked horizontally. Because his records had a higher goal, and that is, to one day become part of his Memorial Collection, which he will donate to Novi Sad and his people in 1957.

The exhibition Musical Intermezzo by Pavle Beljanski (1892–1965) is dedicated to gramophone records collected by a Yugoslav diplomat and collector. In addition to more than 90 recordings on display, part of the exhibition was a rich accompanying program in the form of concerts, plays, lectures, and authorial interpretations. Among others, the senior curator of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Jasmina Jaksic Subic, Dr. Milan Milojkovic, Dr. Ira Prodanov, took part in it. Throughout the entire program, all visitors got acquainted with the taste of the collector, his dedication to music, but also with the developments in the music industry during the period between the two world wars.




Aleksandar Pantić

Ničiji mesec, 70×40 cm

Ana Jevgenijević

Putnici I II III, 17×20 cm

Ana Miljković

Omen, 20x20cm

Ana Nesimovski

Mediteran, 30×30 cm

Anastasija Kekić

Brezova šuma, 130×110 cm

Atelje Ivanović

Sveti knez Lazar, 60×230 cm

Bojana Pavlović

Hrt, 80×50 cm

Daliborka Maldaner

Autoportret, 50×60 cm

Danica Veselinović

Kosovski vez, 25×25 cm

Dara Njegovan

Lavirint, 20×20 cm

Dejana Cahun

Lovac na snove, 24,5×42 cm

Dragan Samardžija

Mag 01, 162×147 cm

Dragan Samardžija

Mag 03, 189×98 cm

Dunja Sirmium

Andromeda, 24×20 cm

Gordana Stanišić Vujošević

Mašinarijum,  4 dela 25×25 cm

Gordana Šijački

Kompozicija I, 41×41 cm

Gordana Šijački

Kompozicija II, 41×41 cm

Gordana Šijački

Kompozicija III, 41×41 cm

Gordana Šijački

Vrbak, 41×41 cm

Isidora Jancić

Autoportret, 33×37,5 cm

Iva Tatalović

Almost caught, 27×24 cm

Iva Zeković

Autoportret, 35×43 cm

Jana Nikić

Autoportret, 30,5×36 cm

Jelena Milatović

4 x 4, 47,5×47,5 cm

Jelica Durković

Patrijarh Pavle, 140x 386 cm

Jovana Đurić

Autoportret, 30×40 cm

Jovana Filipović

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove, 70×50 cm

Jovana Filipović

Dosada, 45,5x17x34 cm

Kristina Jovanović

Ravnodušnost predaje, 30×40 cm

Kristina Stanišić

Autoportret, 35×42 cm

Kristina Šarić

Dunav i karpatski vetrovi, 33,5×21 cm

Lili Bunyik-Eros

FRAKCIJE-Uravnotežena, 43x46x13 cm

Ljubica Kržić Walther

Nikola Tesla, 19×29,5 cm

Maja Đurović

Maska 1, 43x60cm

Maja Đurović

Maska 2, 43x60cm

Maja Đurović

Maska 3, 44×61 cm

Marija Gajić

Sveti Nektarije, 50×50 cm

Milana Vujić Saulnier

Korpa, 12×17 cm

Milena Bajić Đorić

Ringišpil, 32,5×37 cm

Milena Belenzada

Tragovi I, 50×70 cm

Milena Belenzada

Tragovi II, 40×80 cm

Milena Belenzada

Tragovi III,40×80 cm

Milena Stojković

Rajska ptica, 51×100 cm

Milica Pejković

Autoportret, 31,5x 42,5 cm

Milomirka Petrović Đokić

Kamen i nebo, 2021. 48x35cm

Mina Mirković

D7, 48x48x4 cm

Mina Mirković

Rasterećenje, 50x50x4 cm

Nađa Milivojević

Autoportret, 73×53 cm

Nataša Dejanović Dimitrijević

Movement, 40×60 cm

Nataša Janković

Autoportret, 30×35 cm

Nataša Jasen Tomić

Ljubav, 16×43 cm

Nikolija Tubić

Priroda 1, 42×63 cm

Nikolija Tubić

Priroda 2, 42×63 cm

Nikolija Tubić

Priroda 3, 42×63 cm

Petar Vujošević

Buna zlatara Dimitrija, 62×62 cm

Petar Vujošević

O slovu E u Delfima, 67×64 cm

Petar Vujošević

Okovani Parmenid, 57,5×56 cm

Radmila Mila Dragićević

Bez naziva 2, 166×75 cm

Radmila Mila Dragićević

Bez naziva 1, 61×36 cm

Radmila Mila Dragićević

Bez naziva 3, 62×44 cm

Ružica Bajić Sinkević

Nastajanje, 45×31 cm R 12 cm

Snežana Vujnov

I’ve seen that face before, 35×33 cm

Sofija Kovačević, Grm

Grm, 30×42 cm

Suzana Stanišić

Pad heruvima, triptih 30×40 cm

Tamara Tomić

Lisica, 49×42 cm

Tatjana Benderać Vučićević

Refleksija, 45×54 cm

Tatjana Vojnov, Prozor

Prozor, 60×40 cm

Teodora Bikicki

Maslačak, 20×20 cm

Teodora M. Nikolić

Autoportret, 30×35 cm

Tijana Mandarić

Lanac, 42x45x2,5 cm

Tijana Mrvošević

Bez naziva, 30x40cm

Vanja Radojičić

Pejzaž, 30×42 cm

Vasilisa Ivanović

Jelenak, 25×45 cm

Veljko Vučković

The Witness, 50×40 cm

Vera Virijević Mitrović

Morsko dno, 110,5×50,5 cm

Vojna Baštovanović Casteel

Madona, 19×19,5 cm

Zoran Ignjatović

Kome treba svetlo, 20×32 cm

Zoran Žegarac

Trg, 17×24 cm


Angela Cimek

C’è sempre di più die quello che puoi immaginare, 50×50 cm

Angela Cimek

Convenience-bubble, R 30 cm

Edda Mally

Dafne, 65x48x85 cm

Edda Mally

Кarmen, 54x34x38 cm

Edda Mally

Evil Eye against Corona, 30x20x48 cm


Anastasija Kmetova

Morski motiv I, 50×41 cm

Anastasija Kmetova

Ples, 42×52 cm

Anastasija Kmetova

Flora, 35×44 cm

Anastasija Kmetova

Autoportret, 34×44 cm

Anton Siderov

Frida sa Rodopa, 30×40 cm

Anton Siderov

Horizonti, 36×34 cm

Damjan Damjanov

Barselona, 35×56 cm

Damjan Damjanov

Pustinjska oluja, 37×61 cm

Gergana Stojanova

Kompozicija dva – Duhovna i materijalna blaga, 29,5×29,5 cm

Gergana Stojanova

Kompozicija energija, 30×30 cm

Gergana Stojanova

Izobilje, 50×34,5 cm

Ilia Iliev

Ilia Iliev, Diptih, 130×60 cm

Irena Jančeva

Sv Pantelejmon, 42×50 cm

Irena Jančeva

Sveti Jovan Rilski, 50×85 cm

Jordanka Gojčeva Ilieva

Beli cvet, R 30 cm

Kristina Kutlova

Vetar promena, 60×25

Kristina Kutlova

Maslačak, 20×26 cm

Krum Šarankov

Anđeo nad Herkulanumom, 22x13x75 cm

Krum Šarankov

Porodica, 60×50 cm

Krum Šarankov

Poljubac, 80×65 cm

Krum Šarankov

Plovdiv izjutra, 54×70 cm

Krum Šarankov

Cicera, 56×56 cm

Strahil Najdenov

Odraz u prozoru, 57×77 cm

Strahil Najdenov

Stilizovana forma 28×90 cm

Strahil Najdenov

Lice, 31×71 cm

Stefan Ganozov

Morsko dno, 37×26 cm

Stefan Ganozov

Forma, R 32 cm

Vladimir Damjanov

Procena, 24×27 cm

Vladimir Damjanov

Procena II, 42×42 cm

Žana Okukcu

Dobri otac, 40×57 cm

Žorž Sopadžiev

Isijavanje, 80×80 cm


Nada Kazić

Edenski vrt 1, 35x26x16 cm     

Nikolina Zuber

Oblak, 30×25 cm           


Svetlana Ivaškina

Bademovo drvo u cvetu,  (posveta Van Gogu), 42×42 cm