Nature and Language

Gallery of the Natural History мuseum at Kalemegdan Fortress
Authors of the exhibition:Dragana Vučićević, Senior curator
Photographies& illustrations: Bora Milićević
Maintenance time: 26.07.2023.  – 26.11.2023

Contact. Dragana Vučićević,,

Total Design:Biljana Sovilj and Anja Marčetić

Co-authors of the mini-corner Wise Birds: Irena Hribšek and Vanja Parača

Sound design Vladimir Milojević Vlatron

Expert consultant: Aleksandar Stojanović

Illustrations and photographs: Bora Milićević, Uroš Buzurović, Biljana Mitrović, Ana Paunovic, Aleksandar Stojanović

Thanks to colleagues for their help: Sanja Alaburić, Uroš Buzurović, Dubravka Vučić, Desa Đorđević Milutinović, Miloš Jović, Aleksandar Luković, Branko Radulovic, Aleksandra Maran Stevanović, Biljana Mitrović, Nenad Mladenovic, Ana Paunović, Milan Paunović, Aleksandar Stojanović. Special thanks to Aleksandra Savić (for used part of scientific research in the field of ethnobotany). 

The exhibition “Nature and Language” sublimates many different fields in a professional and popular way: biology, geology, anatomy, linguistics and literature, elements of folkloristics, music inspired by the sounds of nature… The exhibition explains the ” language of nature”  and mathematical regularities in nature to us in a picturesque way; different ways of communication between living beings (smell, pheromones, colors); transmitting information between people, animals and plants, but also cells, as well as many other phenomena in nature. 

Furthermore, 166 exhibits from various collections of the Museum of Natural History were presented at the exhibition. The exhibition is accompanied by music inspired by nature and examples of sound recordings of vocalisations of selected animals. The QR codes contain video material and selected verses and poems related to certain exhibits. 

The exhibition is divided into 5 thematic sections:

1.      The Language of Nature

2.      The Nature of Language

3.      Sound, Speech, Flickering

4.      Communications and Signals

5.      Nature and Language