Welcome to Mesozoic

Gallery of the Natural History мuseum at Kalemegdan Fortress
30.04.2014. to 17.11.2014.

Exhibition “Welcome to Mesozoic” tells an unusual and interesting story of Mesozoic – a world and time that ended long ago but everybody knows something about them, as they have always attracted special attention among all the bygone geological periods, especially as during the Mesozoic our Planet was inhabited by dinosaurs.

This exhibition includes reconstructions of marine ecosystems with the most distinctive marine animals of that time, the unusual invertebrates – ammonites and belemnites and the huge marine reptiles – plesiosaurs, elasmosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
One of the exhibits is reconstruction of the habitat where many diverse dinosaurs, other reptiles and mammals have lived 75 million years ago. The possible landscape of the ecosystem was reconstructed according to data from one of the best-known fossil sites in Mongolia.
The exhibition is enriched by inclusion of original fossils of marine invertebrates collected in Serbia, as well as fossils of plants that formed forest ecosystems in Mesozoic period in region of present-day eastern Serbia.
Several factual replicas bring closer the living world of Mesozoic: fossil of the marine reptile ichthyosaur, fossil remains of the primeval bird archaeopteryx, deadly claw of the velociraptor, tooth of one of the most dangerous dinosaurs of Cretaceous – tyrannosaur, as well as a model of one of the first flowers, as flowering plants appeared for the first time in Mesozoic.

The visitors may learn more about the appearance of our Planet in Mesozoic when distribution of seas and continents was completely different than today, while the “timeline” may also add the “time-based” orientation on how many millions of years ago certain Mesozoic animals and plants lived.

Authors of the exhibition: Dr Desa Đorđević Milutinović, Dr Aleksandra Maran, Dr Zoran Marković and MSc Slavko Spasić.