Tree or Life alone

Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
21.03.2012. to 06.05.2012.

Whether lonely or united in woods, trees are the living foundation of the whole complex building of modern land life. As a plant, wood produces primary organic matter and releases oxygen, key substances to the appearance and survival of terrestrial animals. As a complex and variable structure, a tree is the basis and immediate framework of the lives of other beings, and more than any terrestrial life form, it transforms and adjusts the fundamental living conditions.

The diversity and complexity of the shapes and roles of the tree itself, and the habitat it inhabits throughout the world, as well as the development of reciprocal relationships and harmony with other living beings, make of it one of the most successful life forms on Earth. The tree is a marvelous being because it shelters, nourishes, heats and protects man and all other beings. Moreover, the tree enabled man to express himself and realize his ideas, reach his dreams and discover new worlds.

The exhibition of the Museum of Natural History at the Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts shows the TREE THAT IS LIFE ITSELF.