Mrdjan Bajic

Gallery of Rome in Belgrade
30.06.2020. to 30.07.2020.

The Gallery of ROME in Belgrade presented an exhibition of large-format drawings by sculptor and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Mrdjan Bajić, which were created in the past few years, but also during his earlier creative periods.

Bajić’s recent drawing opus marks an important change within the medium of drawing itself, which is reflected in the fact that the artist turns to elementary drawing practices, conflicting documentary and fictional, ie factual and expressive thematic elements. Through circular and networked handling of elements, symbols and representations of personal and / or collective memory, with a parallel re-examination of world heritage memory, Bajić uses seemingly clear and legible outlines of objects in his drawings (Mickey Mouse, Parthenon, London double-decker), Gorgon , placed in destabilizing spatial relations. His intention is actually to destabilize the view of the observer and move him to think and doubt the image of the world that is being reconstructed in front of us.

Newer drawings are accompanied by a selection of drawings from the earlier phases of Bajić’s work, in order to view the drawing part of his oeuvre chronologically and problematically from several perspectives.

(Gallery of ROME)