The spirit of little things

National Museum Kruševac – The House of Simić
15.05.2018. to 30.06.2018.

Exhibition Elizabeth Karageorgevic | The Spirit of Little Things is based on an original concept created by art historian and author Tamara Ognjević. Integrating the story about Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Prince Paul and Princess Olga, the only female child born in Belgrade located White Palace in the twightlight of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, with the one about Elizabeth Karageorgevic, artist and writer, Tamara Ognjevic opens for us a peculiar, paralel univers in which coexist a brave noblewomen, tireless advocate for her father exoneration and witty, talented artist withe an extraordinary gift of perception. Thus, the exhibition conteins two segments – the boudoir or private salon of the Princess with an exciting biography and display of art works of the traveler, artist and imaginative person with an exceptional sensibility. In this way two dimensions of Elizabeth Karageorgevic’s life interlace in both symbolic and realistic terms – the environment in which she was born, grew up and educated, and the lifestyle she created herself. The basic idea of this concept is to point out the relationship between the circumstances that we can not influence (place of birth, ancestors, social status, etc.) and the freedom of choice that we always have, based on the experience of an authentic person whose life in a unique way reflects the time of great social changes.

The exhibition includes thirty seven objects owned by Princess Elizabeth (photographs, books, clothes, footwear, hat, porcelain and silver – tea service from the House of Demidoff legacy, perfume, jewelry, powder box, icons, handmade Pirot rug with the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) and 27 of her works of art.

The exhibition is a result of the long and successful cooperation of the National Museum Kruševac and Artis Center from Belgrade.