The Journey to the Moon

Gallery of the Natural History Museum at Kalemegdan Fortress
26.07. 2019. – 31.01.2020.

The exhibition “The Journey to the Moon” was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the famous “giant leap for mankind” – the event that glued the eyes of millions of people around the globe to the screens of their TV boxes. On the other hand, “Journey” is also a kind of hommage to the childhood of the Generation X – the dreams, desires, toys and excitement that marked the life of today’s 40-something-ers. “Conquest” of the Moon is one of those game-changing events that boost imagination and widen the views to an unimaginable extent. Riding a wave of such freedom-feeling, the Natural History Museum in Belgrade would like to remind you that Nature is not confined to the planet Earth, but includes the whole Universe.

The exhibition illustrates a very complex relation between the Earth and its natural satellite by reflecting the impact of the Moon on every living creature on Earth. The exhibition setting is divided into four parts: About the Moon and the Earth, About the Moon and the Earthlings, Moon Exploring and The Moon in our Eyes. Every visitor had an opportunity to step into a forest, on a beach, into a coral reef or into the lunar module, to explore the artifacts of the era of lunar exploration or to join the quest for the myths and legends that marked the life of human communities through the centuries…