The great war and the little man

Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade
15.12.2014. to 30.06.2015.   

At the exhibition The Great War and the Little Man nothing is displayed or written about great battles and strategist, famous figures from historical documents, heroes and heroines described and sung in prose and poetry. Rather, it recalls prominent figures of Serbian culture as well as unknown soldiers, heroes, courageous and bold women and mothers, persons of high moral fibre and patriotism which they did not tout publicity but who in his historic tragedy fought for their fatherland and the lives of their families the way their rearing and entrenched system of values enjoined upon them. These are accounts of honourable men and women regardless on which side of the rifle sight they happened to be. Authors: Vesna Bižić-Omčikus , dr Vesna Marjanović , Mirjana Kraguljac-Ilić MA, mr Tatjana Mikulić i Jelena Tucaković.