The first Belgrade Mosaic Festival

Heritage House Belgrade
16.09.2016. to 13.10.2016.

Belgrade Mosaic Festival is an international manifestation that aims to stress the importance of mosaic as a contemporary visual tehnique, to show all important currents in mosaic expression and to present the most relevant mosaics of today.

The purpose of the Festival is to show the top range not only in the field of mosaic, but in contemporary visual art in general.
The Festival is inspired by Small Scale Mosaic- an annual exhibition that was inaugurated by Petar Vujosevic, and that has been presented in Belgrade since 2006. The first Belgrade Mosaic Festival took place in Belgrade in 2016, which marks the 10th anniversary of the Small Scale Mosaic.
The founding principle of the Festival is a promotion of the top achievements in mosaic expression, as oposed to profanation and industralization of mosaic, that reduces it to plain technology and formalism, narrowing down the very purpose of mosaic art.
Intention of Belgrade’s Festival is to point to exceptional possibilities of this tecnique. Mosaic brings together physical materia, enchanting color of a broken stone on one side- with the invisible, metaphysical, that springs from misterious empty space between tesserae.
A deep concentation and long time that the making of mosaic requires, at some point becomes the way to inner self knowledge. In this way deeper, unpainted images reveal themselves, images that help us reveal the meaning of our own exsistence as well as an understanding of spiritual basis of life itself.

List of participants:
Apostolova Violeta (Bugarska), Baltić Jasmina, Baškot Gordana, Baštovanović Vojna, Belošević Vasilisa, Benderać Vučićević Tatjana, Belenzada Milena, Ćetenović Branka, Damjanović Emili (Crna Gora), Dejanović Dimitrijević Nataša, Domuz Milica, Durković Jelica, Đurović Maja, Erdeljanović Curk Slavica, Garčević Milun (Hrvatska), Garčević Mirjana (Hrvatska), Glavatović Žarko (Crna Gora), Iliev Ilia (Bugarska), Jovanović Aleksandra, Jovanović Gordana, Kalač Balša (Crna Gora), Karakaš Vesna, Kezele Matko (Hrvatska), Knežević Dragana, Lazović Jelena, Marković Dragana, Marković Marija, Milinković Marija, Miljković Ana, Mirotić Snežana, Nikolić Olivera, Obradović Sara, Otašević Selena, Petrović Sanja, Pešić Rančić Snežana, Poplavski Januš (Poljska), Radojević Anđelka, Seničić Tamara, Simonić Ružica, Stančić Stefan, Stanišić Vujošević Gordana, Stanojević Milica, Stojanac Jovana, Šijački Gordana, Štrbac Olivera, Vartabedijan Anamarija, Virijević Mitrović Vera, Vojnov Tatjana, Vučković Leković Vesna (Crna Gora), Vujnov Snežana, Vujošević Petar, Vuković Milica, Zarubica Ana (Crna Gora), Zečević Marina.