6 legs

Gallery of the Natural History Museum at Kalemegdan Fortress
04.04.2012. to 29.01.2013.

The exhibition “6 legs” is a 3D display of a collection of six stories about insects (or maybe a bit more about us, humans). The Gallery is transformed into the body of a ladybug. You can freely walk through it and learn about its life. The exhibition may be also experienced as a set of 6 puppet shows, frozen at the moment of plot culmination. The visitors are invited to imagine themselves in the role of an insect at the crossroad of its life. This kind of situation releases such questions as: “Should I eat or should I remain hungry?” or “Should I introduce myself to that lady (-bug) or not?” or just simple: “Should I stay or should I go (just like in The Clash song)?”

Rethinking the life, now in the frame of belonging to a certain insect species, gives us an opportunity to understand that standing on 6 legs is not just an odd feeling, but may be extremely fun! Everything else is just an upgrade…

Author: MIloš Jović