Online opening of the exhibition Gifts and Redemptions of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade 2014-2019. Personal histories – a common heritage

The exhibition presents an insight into selected objects that supplemented the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade in the period from 2014 to 2019. The reason for the creation of the exhibition is the desire to point out the continuous and systematic work on replenishing the museum fund and show that our museum lives and grows thanks to the community that enriches it with the basic material for work – objects.

From over 1000 items with which the museum fund has been supplemented in the past six years, those have been selected that, thanks to their rich history or specific way of use, enable a comprehensive overview of the epoch in which they were created and used. This contributed to the understanding of the social history of these areas by creating places for personal and localized stories, ie micro history.

Another aspect was encouraging for this concept of the exhibition. Ethnographic objects are inevitably personal, whether they are prosaic things, or those that are presented to the eyes of others only on special occasions. Each of these objects is associated with laughter and tears, anger and joy, love and hate. That is why we owe a special gratitude to the Museum to those who dared to share personal objects and stories with others and enable us to reconstruct the life of the past by insight into their lives, for who knows how many times.

The authors of the exhibition are Ivan Maksimović and Maša Peruničić

You can follow the opening of the exhibition online on August 18 from 1 pm, on the Facebook page of the Museum – Etnografski muzej u Beogradu – Ethnographic museum in Belgrade.
In accordance with the current epidemiological situation, the opening of the exhibition will be possible in this way.