Museum in Prijepolje

Museum in Prijepolje
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The Heritage Collection of Prijepolje, established in 1954 and managed by Muhamed Čelebić, art teacher from Prijepolje, was the foundation for the present-day Museum in Prijepolje. It was officially established in 1990 and earned the status of a regional museum in 1995. The Museum includes House of Jusufagić Family, a protected monument of Bosniak culture from late 19th century. Some very complex projects were completed during the thirty years of activities, including reconstruction of devastated medieval monasteries and protection of monuments of Islamic culture. In addition to organization of numerous scientific meetings, lectures and museum exhibitions, the area of Lim Valley and Prijepolje-Priboj region was reconnoitered in detail.

The treasury of cultural-historical heritage of Lim area at Museum in Prijepolje includes archeological, historical, historical-artistic and ethnographic collections. The Archeological Collection has the greatest value, presenting the exceptionally important specimens from the Ancient Roman locality Kolovrat (2nd-4th century A.D.), Monastery Mileševa and other localities of central Lim area. The Ethnological Collection presents the rich traditional culture of Prijepolje area, represented by valuable specimens of kilim rugs, folk costume items, pottery, household objects and other ethnographic material from this area. The Historical and Historical-Artistic Collections of Museum in Prijepolje are also represented by objects collected in the local region. The Ethnographic Collection includes the largest number of items, while the Historical-Artistic Collection is constantly enriched by new additions from art exhibitions, donations and acquisitions. The Museum in Prijepolje also includes a permanent exhibition on the famous global, Yugoslav and Serbian basketball star Vlade Divac, presenting everything connected with the successful career of this native of Prijepolje, from his first team Elan to Charlotte Hornets where he finished his professional playing. The exhibition includes numerous medals, plaques, sport uniforms and photographs.

Due to the high achieved results, the Museum of Prijepolje was trusted with organization of the central manifestation “Days of European Heritage” in 2009. The greatest achievement of Museum in Prijepolje is certainly earning the prestigious Special Award of European Museum Forum in Portugal on May 19th 2012. The Forum was organized by the European Council, with participation of 59 leading European museums. According to the above references, the Museum in Prijepolje is among the leading museum institutions in Serbia.