The End of the Great War 1917–1918

The exhibition “The End of the Great War 1917–1918” in the Historical Museum of Serbia (November 13th 2018–November 14th 2019 is a modern museum project that uses authentic materials, impressive scenography, sound and light effects, as well as augmented and virtual reality technologies, and the concept of edutainment (educational entertainment, designed to educate through entertainment)

It represents the events of the last years of the war, when the Serbian Army, after severe sufferings, followed by refuge and recovery in the Allied countries, launched the operations for the final victory and return to the homeland, followed by the liberation and unification of the Yugoslav people..

In addition to documentary films, personal belongings, weapons, decorations and numerous photographs that have not been published until now, the exhibition presents paintings, sculptures and posters which marked and immortalized this famous period of the Serbian past.

A free Holograd app is available at the Play Store for mobile phones or tablets, withe the 1917-1918 section of the exhibition, allowing the visitors to interact with the exhibits and discover the multimedia content, which represents a digital upgrade to the exhibit itself. This use of modern technology allows visitors, for example, to have the experience to be “personally” addressed by famous forensic scientist Archibald Reiss, to find themselves in solitary confinement next to Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević Apis, convicted in the Salonica process, with the help of special virtual reality goggles, or to really feel as a part of the conflict in the part of the exhibition dedicated to the battles that led to final breakthrough of the Salonica front.

The exhibition “The End of the Great War 1917–1918” is part of the Programme marking the centenary of World War One, to which the Historical Museum of Serbia has paid special attention in the last few years, by organizing important exhibitions in the country and abroad, namely: “Serbia in 1914”, “The Female Face of the Great War”, “Milunka Savić – a Heroine of the Great War”, “Serbia in 1915–1916”, “The Serbs in North Africa (1915–1919)”, and a new permanent exhibition in the Serbian House in Corfu.