Small format mosaic

The annual exhibition of small format mosaics (up to 25 x 25 cm), is being held in Belgrade at the ULUPUDS Small Gallery for 14 years now, is an author project of the painter Petar Vujošević.

Petar Vujošević has been gathering colleagues for twenty years around various mosaic projects, of which The Small Format Mosaics Exhibition and The Belgrade Mosaic Festival singled out as the most important.

Petar Vujošević holds a master’s degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and in his past artistic practice he has mostly researched the field of mosaics because he understands it as an absolutely contemporary visual technique, which illuminates the meaning of present-day painting in the deepest way.

About three hundred authors from the country and abroad have exhibited at the Small Format Mosaic Exhibition over the past 14 years, including a large number of young authors, which is particularly significant. Therefore, three years ago, in addition to the main award for the most successful work at the exhibition, the prize for the most successful student work was introduced. The award bears the name of Borislav Boro Nježić, in memory of our great mosaicist.

Given the international character of the exhibition, the Belgrade art audience is given the opportunity to have insight into movements in the field of mosaic creation not only in the country but also abroad, mainly in the region.

I addition to the main exhibition program, a mosaic making workshop is held in the gallery.